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Carlos Rosario Carlos Rosario

Carlos Rosario is part of the Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve. In order to get to this beach, you need to hike on the trail from the parking lot at Flamenco Beach. Is considered by many to be the best snorkeling spot in Culebra. The best snorkel spots at Carlos Rosario are in around 15-25 feet of water. In these areas, you’ll encounter the largest diversity of corals and fishes around the island.

Flamenco Flamenco

Flamenco Beach Ranked # 2 in the top 10 most exotic beaches in the world.(Beach Bum Paradise)
Crystal clear water in a huge, horseshoe-shaped bay with tranquil waters that has everything you could ever dream of. A complete and utter no-brainer to visit. If you want to snorkel, head towards the eastern part of the beach. Cool photo oppotunitiess with tanks littered around the beach from the days when the US military used to roam.

Melones Beach Melones

Melones Beach is part of the Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve. It’s really easy to get to; you just drive right up to it and park just steps from the beach. You enter and exit the water just behind the "Melones Beach" sign and picnic table. Swim to the right, to where the rocks jut out of the water. The underwater rock formations and reef here are amazing. Everything was covered with many fans and soft corals, along with all types of hard corals. The depth here is probably 10-15 feet.

Tamarindo Beach Tamarindo

Tamarindo Beach, also part of the Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve, is nice because you can drive right to it, and it has some amazing sea life. There is a small reef close to the far left area, and the University of Puerto Rico is even "planting" coral to help refurbish the reef. The main draw at Tamarindo are the sea turtles and stingrays. The turtles love the sea grass in the area and the stingrays like the sandy bottom out by the sea grass, too.

Tortuga Tortuga

Tortuga is a beach on Culebrita island. Tortuga Beach is a horseshoe of white powder-like sand and crystal clear waters. It is a great beach for swimming and amateur snorkeling. There are no amenities to speak of so bring all you need for day of fun in the sun, swimming and hiking. Plan ahead at Villa Boheme's office for a water taxi. Reservations are definitely suggested. Remember that Culebrita is part of the Natural Reserve so tread lightly on the hiking paths and mind the corals while snorkeling. Most importantly, be ready to have fun in this little piece of paradise.

Zoni Beach Zoni

Zoní Beach is as beautiful as Flamenco Beach in its white sands and clear waters. As opposed to Flamenco, it’s less populated, therefore peaceful. On the downside, it has no amenities, so you should pack some snacks and beverages with you if you’re planning to spend a whole day there.



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